Welcome to the Second International Workshop on Road Safety

We are delighted to introduce the upcoming "The First Workshop on Pre-hospital Management of Accidents' Victims" and “Second International Workshop on Road Safety” to be held in Shiraz,Iran on February 14-16,2016. These workshops are sponsored by Health Policy Research Center. In addition to road safety scholars from Iranian universities and research institutes,a group of of world-class road safety experts with years of exprience of tutoring road safety workshops will teach the course. These experts are from multiple centers including John Hopkins University,Tufts Medical Center,and the World Bank.

The first workshop emphasizes on pre-hospital management of accidents' victims which will be held on February 14,2016.The second workshop which will be on February 15 & 16,2016  focuses on important issues in road safety such as public health approach to road safety,cross-country performance of road safety performance,road safety management system,safe systems approach in road safety,transport planning and road safety,urban design for road safety,injury biomechanics,and post-crash care. Therefore,we seek to bring together researchers,scientists and engineers from various research communities,as well as practitioners and administrators who face the challenges of traffic accidents in cities in order to promote means that will help improve road safety and pre-hospital care of accidents' victims.

We cordially invite you to join us in this exciting workshop in this most wonderful setting.

The workshop registration fee is 700$ that should be paid at the workshop site. Registration includes tuition fee,educational materials,coffee break and lunch box while the workshop is in session.

The registration form is available in our website. Please download,complete and send it along with your CV via Email at roadsafety.workshop@gmail.com.

Plan your travel so that you can take full advantage of this opportunity for networking and information exchange. We look forward to welcoming you to Iran in February. If you have any questions or need any additional information,please feel free to contact us by telephone at (0098) 71-32309615 or by Email at roadsafety.workshop@gmail.com.

Important Dates
Registration Deadline: Jan 20,2016

Workshop Dates:
February 14 - 16,2016
Contact Information
Address:Health Policy Research Center,Building No.2,8th  Floor School of  Medicine,Zand Avenue,Shiraz,Iran
: +98-71-32309615

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